Your Options for Whitening Teeth a Home

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Your Options for Whitening Teeth a Home
Are you considering a home whitening treatment for your teeth? Professional solutions that take only an hour of your time can prove to be more expensive than home whitening, but the results of do-it-yourself solutions often leave much to be desired. Nonetheless, there are options if you’d like to take matters into your own hands for whiter, more beautiful teeth. Here is a look at the available home remedies in tooth whitening.Professional Grade Whitening

The most advanced formula to try at home has a lot in common with the whitening procedures handled by a professional. The biggest difference is in the level of intensity. Instead of power bleaching, you will perform multiple treatments to get similar results. Look for a carbamide peroxide solution around 10% to avoid side effects and other issues while delivering the grade of whitening you need. You’ll apply the gel form to your teeth using trays inserted in the mouth for thirty-minute periods twice a day. After several days of this procedure, you should start seeing results.

This procedure will cost significantly less than professional power-bleaching solutions. However, issues often arise in the staying power of home bleaching treatments. Many people performing whitening systems on their teeth have reported seeing the effects wear off after about six weeks. While you might consider increasing the amount of carbamide peroxide to prolong the effects, this decision is unwise. You can risk your long-term health if you make a mistake in the home bleaching process.

Whitening Brushes and Strips

Whitening products are available in many forms, from press-on strips to “white brushing” and gel treatments performed before bed. The drawback to over-the-counter solutions like these comes in the grade of whiteness and amount of effort required. Though you can achieve comparable results when performing the gel procedure accurately, issues usually arise in fitting the trays to your mouth. Whitening strips do not have the same potential, as the grade of whiteness never makes it close to the intensity of professional bleaching. White brushing has dubious results as well, since bleaching with a brush is impossible.

Whitening Gum and Toothpaste

The marketing of whitening gum, toothpaste and mouthwash has frustrated countless dentists around the world. Put simply, these surface solutions never get to the core of the issue and change the true coloring of your teeth.

At the end of the day, power bleaching by a professional is your best option if you want to change the look of your smile for the long term. Secondary solutions like take-home gel with well-fitting trays can work, but diligence and accuracy is the key. You might find the investment in professional whitening ends up delivering the best value of any of the above treatments.