What to Consider Leading up to Periodontal Surgery

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What to Consider Leading up to Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease that spirals out of control can lead to tooth loss and a variety of infections. When your dentist’s efforts to help curb periodontal disease do not work, he or she may recommend surgery. As with any other invasive procedure, you cannot agree or reject the proposal without a full examination of the benefits, drawbacks and potential alternatives to periodontal surgery. Here are the major factors to consider in the buildup to surgery by a periodontist.

Repair and Regeneration Versus Implant Surgery

Generally, a periodontist will recommend surgery to regenerate tissues in the mouth or to replace lost teeth with dental implants. Surgery can become very complex as a periodontist attempts to regenerate soft or hard tissue and establish better periodontal form and function. If successful, surgery of this nature can allow you to move on by practicing quality oral hygiene. Teeth are likely salvageable. If dental implant surgery is on the agenda, you’ll be getting superior false teeth made of metal and covered in porcelain. Hygiene and eating habits do not need to change with dental implants.

The Risks You Face with Periodontal Surgery

When you choose surgery, you are going to encounter discomfort during and after the procedure. Your periodontist will detail what to expect and how to prepare. Once complete, you’ll experience discomfort for a number of days, which can be relieved by over-the-counter painkillers. Engaging in vigorous activity the days following surgery is inadvisable, as bleeding may result. Sensitivity to cold will be heightened in teeth, so be prepared when consuming cold beverages and foods.

Is Surgery Worth the Benefits?

Periodontal surgery can change the way your gums are structured, enhance oral health, slow gum disease and make you feel better about your teeth. In any estimation, the benefits are undeniable. Figure out if the negatives – in terms of anesthesia and pain – overcome these positive effects. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best course of action. If it comes down to potentially losing teeth, the decision should be an easy one. As for implants, you can expect to enjoy better overall health.

Looking into Alternatives

If you are trying to halt advanced stages of gum disease, you won’t have many alternatives. Regarding dental implants, you can decide to go with partial false teeth, a bridge or doing nothing at all. Implants create have such a positive effect on dental and overall health that the alternatives pale in comparison. However, they do come at considerable expense. It’s important to weigh the decision form every angle.

Periodontal surgery is considered a last resort when it comes to gum disease or lost teeth. However, it could be the difference between prolonging poor oral health and starting in the right direction.