What Gum Contouring and Tooth Reshaping Can Do for You

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Even when teeth are healthy and white, many people have problems with the way their mouth looks. The issue usually has to do with the position of teeth in the gums and the shape of

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the gums themselves. Is there any way to change the position of your gums and the way teeth fit into them? Gum contouring and teeth reshaping are services a top dental professional can provide. Instead of disliking what you see when you smile, you can have your gums shaped and teeth trimmed so your smile becomes beautiful in every way.


Common Problems with Gums

While you might not have realized it, the problem with your smile may be in the way the gums hang in your mouth. In some cases, they are misshaped and make your smile uneven. In other cases, they are overly long and make your teeth look short. Any way you cut it, these problems with gums can make you feel unhappy with the way your smile looks, leading to an erosion of confidence. Gum contouring can reverse the process and make your teeth look like they have a better shape. Your smile can reach its full potential.

Solving the Problem of Misshaped Teeth

If you are happy with the way your gums fit in your mouth but dislike the look of tooth ends, there are other solutions to pursue. Dental professionals can outline ways to even out the ends of teeth to correct angular forms. In essence, they add a filling so your teeth all end at the same point. This uniformity makes a smile more attractive. Your dentist can also trim down teeth that appear too long. Whether you want shorter or longer teeth, you can give your smile a complete makeover when going through this trimming/filling process.

The Path to a Perfect Smile

Gum contouring and teeth reshaping are processes that most people don’t consider, but they could end up being your route to a perfect smile. Some people have naturally healthy teeth that are white and straight, yet appear unattractive because of their position within your mouth. Gum and tooth reshaping can solve this problem and get your smile to where it deserves to be. Top dental professionals can lay out a plan for your teeth that includes gum contouring, tooth trimming or lengthening, whitening and more. Whatever it takes to get a beautiful smile, the top dentists can get it done.

A Total Approach to Oral Hygiene

Regular brushing and flossing, combined with routine examinations by a dentist, are your best bet for continued oral health. Cosmetic dental services can put the finishing touch on any beautiful smile. Talk to your dentist about what your plan should involve.