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In the realm of cosmetic dentistry one simple process has made big differences to the lives of many millions of orally challenged dental patients: tooth whitening.

Whereas the phrases tooth whitening and dental bleaching are often used synonymously; many dental associations actually regard whitening as the terminology of restoring your teeth to their original colour whereas we’re sure that many movie stars with unnaturally luminescent smiles use teeth bleaching that makes teeth whiter than white. Bleaching will make a patients teeth whiter than the teeth they were born with.

It’s completely natural that a person’s teeth will change colour as they age. The whitest natural colour you could expect to have in your life is with your childhood teeth. These ‘deciduous teeth’ will be the base colour that true teeth whitening will return you to. So if you have old childhood photos showing off your cheeky 5 year old self’s gap toothed smile have a long, hard look. That’s the colour your teeth should be and what cosmetic dentistry can return you to.

Unfortunately in the intervening years a lot of food, a certain amount of medicines, possibly a little (or a lot) of alcohol and perhaps even some nicotine has passed your lips. All of those substances  combining with the aging of the natural mineral composition of our teeth, has brought your smile to the colour it is today.

Considering your teeth whitening options

Good oral health always comes before cosmetic needs so a dentist will look carefully into your records and conduct a thorough examination before work can be done or even recommended. A dentist should always be your first port of call, because although both home based options and beauty salon based whitening alternatives exist, a dentist is the only professional who has the bigger picture about your whole mouth health.

I’ve seen the light!

Possibly one of the most popular treatments, and definitely coming in at a premium price, is ‘laser tooth whitening’. The use of the word laser is misleading though as mostly older techniques used lasers, modern day lights come in a vast variety including blue led whitening accelerators. Chemicals are still used, generally hydrogen peroxide, and the light used to speed up the process dramatically. Results can be very impressive with a lightening factor of up to 11 shades on the prevalent Vita dental shade chart.

Go bright or go home

While accelerated light tooth whitening is best left to the professionals other options for home bleaching are also out there. Of course special mention must go out to the many whitening toothpastes, of varying effectiveness, but for tangible results you’ll want to consider a home-use bleaching kit. Again hydrogen peroxide features, but this time a lengthy process of wearing a night time bleaching tray over your teeth for several weeks is needed to attain results.

Whichever method you decide to use a trusted dentist must be consulted, not only for associated health risks and side affects but also to highlight the realism of what you can expect for your teeth. Back to that pre-midlife crisis smile that you had as a cheeky five year old? Perhaps