Understanding the Dangers and Treatment of Bruxism

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Understanding the Dangers and Treatment of Bruxism

Bruxism treatment Queanbeyan Dentists Bruxism, the clinical term for clenching or grinding teeth, can cause a variety of problems in your life, from sleep disruption to dental issues. While people may grind teeth unconsciously during the course of the day, most problems with bruxism occur while you are sleeping. Uncontrolled grinding can wear down your teeth and force you to wake up frequently. As a result, you won’t feel rested and could wake up a spouse or partner because of the noise.

Why Bruxism Affects People

Though studies have not been entirely conclusive, most dentists agree that stress is a key factor in people with bruxism. Stress in your unconscious self is often difficult to detect, as the human mind is capable of tuning out much of these feelings during waking hours. However, when there are no guards up at night, the feelings of anxiety will cause you to work your teeth back and forth or side to side. Over time, this grinding and clenching could cause broken teeth and require fillings to correct the wearing process.

Self-Managing Pain from Bruxism

When you are grinding your teeth at night or clenching your jaw during the day, you will experience pain in and around your mouth. Doctors suggest icing the jaw if the pain is significant. Other keys to relief from the symptoms of bruxism include staying hydrated and getting extra rest. If you are grinding your teeth at night, eating hard foods throughout the day is a bad idea. Avoid pretzels, nuts, steaks and hard candies. These foods will make the symptoms worsen. Cutting down on stress (if you can isolate the problem) is highly recommended.

Help from a Mouth Guard

If you have a problem with bruxism, your dentist will be able to tell when you visit for a routine checkup. Dentists suggest using a mouth guard to protect your teeth from the ill effects of bruxism. After one trip to the dentist to correct a broken or worn-down tooth, it is time to find a corrective guard to wear at night. Custom-designed guards fitted by your dentist are another option. However, basic guards can be purchased in any drug store. These guards are known for their effectiveness.

Changing Your Daily Habits to Reduce Stress

Since stress is the most commonly cited cause of bruxism, you might want to focus on ways of reducing stress. Being more vocal with friends about problems and engaging in relaxing activities like meditation and yoga are popular methods of staying loose and keeping an unburdened mind. Bruxism will begin to cause numerous dental problems if left untreated. Find a way to curb the effects of this condition at the first sign of onset, so these problems do not persist.

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