Total Smile Evaluation and Design from a Professional Cosmetic Dentist Canberra Queanbeyan

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Feeling proud of your smile can make you feel confident and secure every day of the year. However, the path to a beautiful teeth might not seem so direct. Professional cosmetic dentists can evaluate your smile on multiple levels – in terms of shape, health, spacing and shine of each tooth. Once a real assessment of your teeth is made, it is time to design a smile you’ll feel happy to show off whenever you are out socially. Here are the key elements to a perfect smile:

Gleaming white teeth: Whitening services can remove the stains caused by age, wear, coffee and tea drinking, smoking and other discoloring factors. These solutions are not temporary, with whiteness coming and going as you might notice with regular cleanings. Instead, a professional whitening procedure will keep your teeth gleaming with whiteness for years to come.

Correcting jagged edges: Over time, you will chip and crack your teeth as a result of eating normal foods. In the mirror, these imperfections damage the overall quality of your smile and gnaw away at your confidence level. To fix this problem, opt for porcelain veneers which cover up the uneven lines and make your teeth look perfectly formed. Another solution is the Snap-on Smile that can cover up teeth in one or both halves of your mouth.

Invisalign procedures: In some cases, improper spacing will take away the beauty in your smile. Invisalign braces, the clear brace option, can set your teeth in perfect alignment without forcing you to show everyone you are wearing any corrective devices. Invisalign braces are the discreet way to turn around teeth set too far apart or too close together. They can also solve the problems of overbites and underbites. If you want to get the perfect spacing for your teeth but don’t want anyone to know, try the Invisalign method.

Replacing silver and gold fillings: Though once standard practice in filling cavities, gold and silver fillings are going the way of the dinosaur. Consider having these fillings replaced with porcelain materials so your mouth achieves a more uniform tone. Fillings are modified to match the color of your teeth, making your smile take a jump up in quality in a matter of minutes.

Full mouth reconstruction: If you want to make a total overhaul of your smile, consider full mouth reconstruction. Packages include whitening, veneers, replacing metal fillings, invisible braces, crowns, bridges and more. The finished product will always be a perfect smile.

Putting your smile in the hands of a professional cosmetic dentist in Canberra and Queanbeyn is one of the way to make it perfect. Find out how easy it is to have your smile light up every room you enter.