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The idiots guide to fillings
If you’ve neglected your tooth hygiene than one day soon,if not now,you’ll be in need of a filling. We’re not going to bore you with a tedious account of how your teeth will be fixed but have instead enlisted a dental professional of some twenty years experience to tell you a little bit about all the different fillings you can get for your cavity ridden mouth. It’s our hope that by reading this article you’ll have a very good idea of the various options a dentist has to keep your teeth intact and how the decision was made to give you a certain type of filling.

Composite Fillings

These are mainly used for the front teeth as they are probably the most aesthetically pleasing filling. As these fillings could potentially be on show for the whole world to see it is very important that they match as much as possible to the natural colour of your teeth. A colour chart is used to find just the right hue , a1 being the lighest composite filling all the way down to d4 being the darkest. These fillings are made from ceramic and metallic materials while clearly the filling of choice for those who want to look their best they are not as strong as other types and generally tend to be more expensive. The fact that they are cured ( dried in your mouth) with an ultra-violet light might affect a very,very small proportion of patients.

Amalgam filling

This silver coloured filling has fallen out of fashion due to much scaremongering over the years that hinted at a potential toxicity. This apparent toxic nature could be attributed to the Mercury alloy that is used to make the amalgam. When a patient looks over to find a dental nurse gingerly and carefully creating the mix doing their utmost not to get the Mercury on their skin; it certainly doesn’t fill the patient with confidence. However there is still no conclusive proof that amalgam fillings present any danger to the cavity ridden masses and the jury is still out as to whether any ill affects could be caused by it.

One of the very big advantages of using this method to fix damage to your teeth, is that it is by far the strongest method. If price is a question than amalgam fillings are the answer with a very low cost being its second plus point.

Premium Fillings

If price is no option you will definitely want to get the best of the best for your teeth. Normal composite with more ceramic giving them greater strength and better dental colour matching properties are favoured when you’re prepared to pay top dollar for your dental work. Gold fillings are still favoured by some dentists and patients but can cost up to ten times the amount that a normal amalgam filling would cost. It’s slightly misleading to call them gold as normally only 75% of the mixture is gold, the rest being a mixture of other metals. Still these so-called gold fillings are known to be friendlier to patients’ mouths and rarely cause any bodily rejection, the colour is obviously better than amalgams and they have great longevity.

Choose your filling

Now that you have a little more insight into what your dentist can do for you in the filling department you’ll be better able to make more informed choices at your next dental visit. Try to balance the need for aesthetics with cost, durability and filling strength.