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Teeth whitening QueanbeyanEven the healthiest teeth will lose some of their luster over the years, as regular dietary habits make it impossible for teeth to keep their brightness. Modern whitening procedures can reverse the trend and turn your teeth a sparkling shade of white, often in one hour’s time. The quickness and simplicity of the procedure has caught many people off-guard, but you can walk into the dentist’s office one day and leave about an hour later with a mouth full of gleaming white teeth.

The Road to Discoloration

Almost all the foods and beverages we consume contribute to the discoloration of teeth. Grape juice, black tea, coffee, cola, red wine and stout beer are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to taking the sparkle out of your teeth. These whitening procedures make all of that discoloration go away in an instant. While dentists always recommend patients discontinue the use of coffee or wine, they are such a staple in our lives that quitting is rarely considered. Discolorations no longer have to be demoralizing when you have the opportunity to try total whitening.

The Return to Whiteness

Whitening procedures were so time-consuming and expensive in the past that many people turned away from them. In the last decade, the emergence of techniques like Zoom! whitening (as fast and effective as it sounds) has changed the way people think about the procedure. Hydrogen peroxide is the basis of this technique, which gets activated with a special lamp. As a result, your teeth become an attractive shade of white in a matter of minutes. Pregnant women or children under the age of thirteen cannot try this type of whitening, but every other adult can take advantage of the benefits.

Permanent Whiteness

Because of the staying power of whitening procedures, you can enjoy your teeth’s luster for many years into the future. You don’t have to go back to the dentist and continually repeat the process as you do with cleanings that whiten teeth only temporarily. It’s one of the true feats of cosmetic dentistry, making teeth white for so long with such a short procedure. You can erase the damage done by years of drinking coffee and wine and get a new lease on white teeth. If you have corrected the structural problems in your teeth, it could be the final stroke in making your smile perfect.

The Effect of a Sparkling Smile

Getting that sparkle back in your teeth can be a very positive experience for people. You generally feel more relaxed, more confident when your physical appearance is at its best. Whitened teeth certainly add a beautiful element to your image. Ask your dentist which whitening plan is best for you.