Root Canal Aftercare: What to Expect

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When you have a root canal, your dentist will likely give you aftercare instructions to help ensure that the treatment is successful. This blog post will discuss what you can expect after your root canal procedure. Keep reading to learn more!

The day after the root canal

After your root canal procedure, you’ll likely feel some pain and sensitivity. You should take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help manage the discomfort. If you are experiencing extreme pain or have serious complications, call your dentist immediately.

After a successful root canal, it is normal to experience some tenderness as far as movement goes. But you should not bite down on anything too hard, including chewing gum or eating crunchy foods. Also, avoid smoking for the first 24 hours following your root canal procedure because this can cause problems with your healing.

The second day after a root canal

After 48 hours, most of the discomfort will be gone. Your mouth may feel slightly sore, and the area near your tooth may seem tender to touch, but this should not cause you much pain. You can expect to start feeling normal again in about 3-4 days after the root canal procedure.

The third day after a root canal

After 72 hours have passed, you should be able to resume your regular eating habits and routines. However, start off slowly and try to avoid any activities that might put stress on your mouth for the first week following the procedure.

The first week after a root canal

During this week, monitor your tooth carefully for signs of infection, including pain, increased tenderness, swelling, or redness. Call your dentist immediately if you notice any of these signs because the infection may be spreading. This is important if you are experiencing a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

The second week after a root canal

By the end of this week, any pain or sensitivity that you feel will likely be completely gone. If your tooth is still sensitive to hot or cold, you may use a fluoride treatment to help with this. Otherwise, continue brushing and flossing regularly, but avoid using mouthwash until the roots are fully healed.

See, a root canal is really not as bad as it sounds! The procedure itself isn’t very painful following the administration of anesthesia, and you can expect to feel back to normal in about two weeks. In fact, if you have any teeth with abscesses or cavities, a root canal might just be what you need.

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