Reviewing Your Options in Porcelain and Metal Fillings

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For a long time, metal fillings were the norm when dentists went to work on cavities. While metal alloys were economical and functional, they left much to be desired aesthetically and are actually questionable in terms of overall safety. Porcelain fillings are the more attractive, seamless alternative to metal. In modern dentistry, porcelain is not only the choice when dentists look to fill a tooth; it is also increasingly used to replace metal fillings.

The Benefits of Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain is the closest match to natural tooth enamel, making it the ideal material for dentists to use when filling teeth. It is close to enamel in terms of durability and its color can be modified to blend in with the color of neighboring teeth. When a dentist fits a porcelain filling into a tooth, it can last for several years and is not noticeable when seen by the naked eye. For teeth that can be viewed when you smile, porcelain fillings will not betray themselves. They look just like your natural teeth.

Understanding the Process of Filling Cavities

Filling cavities is a relatively simple procedure and can take as little fifteen minutes to complete. First, your dentist will isolate the problem and clear away areas of decay. Next, the hole in the tooth is examined. Dentists will calculate how to fill the space as accurately as possible with the porcelain inlay. Once they take the piece of porcelain from the lab and insert it into the hole, the process is complete. Metal fillings also follow this procedure, though different materials are used.

Solving the Problems in Health and Aesthetics

Cavities are the result of tooth decay. When you have that space vacated where healthy tooth enamel previously resided, you will feel a sting when exerting pressure there, alerting you to the presence of the cavity. Routine X-rays taken by your dentist will also draw attention to problem areas. Until you have the cavity filled, you will experience discomfort and the decay will worsen. Porcelain fillings solve both the structural problems and the aesthetic problems you’ll see when cavities are filled using metal alloy materials. Porcelain’s price point has dropped significantly in recent years, making it affordable for most patients.

Responding to Cavities Quickly for Continued Dental Health

As with most dental problems, it is essential to address cavities quickly so the decay won’t spread and end up forcing you to get a crown where a basic inlay would have sufficed. Regular checkups by your dentist will tell you what to expect and what, if any, corrections need to be made for your dental health to remain in good standing. Porcelain filings represent the best option available to dentists today when fixing cavities.