Preventing Sports-related Dental Injuries

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Getting involved in sports is a highly recommended activity in order to nurture one’s physical as well as mental health. People of all ages are generally encouraged by physicians, psychologists, and teachers to play a sport of their choice, at least thrice a week. In contact sports, however, the risk of physical injury is very high. The risk of dental injury, as compared to physical injury, is at 89 percent. This is a particular cause of concern for parents whose young children are involved in sports such as football. Therefore, It is important to familiarize yourself with the possible injuries that can occur, as well as precautions that must be taken to prevent serious harm.
A mouth guard is the first equipment that anyone who joins a sports team should invest in. It allows the force of an impact to dissipate so that it is spread evenly across the material, thereby, reducing to a great extent the pressure subjected to each tooth and soft tissue. According to various studies done by the American Dentists Association, the risk of dental injuries increases by 1.9 times when mouth guards are not worn. Before buying a mouth guard, visit your dentist and invest in a mouth guard that fits properly. Otherwise, an ill-fitting mouth guard’s impact will be negligible. Make sure that you clean the mouth guard after every use, and store it in a clean container. Also, keep a few spares in case you need them, too.
For contact sports such as football, hockey and boxing, it is essential to wear a face cage that protects the mouth. This is particularly useful for children or people who may find mouth guards uncomfortable. A face cage prevents anything from directly hitting your mouth and causing damaging teeth. It is generally a good idea to wear a helmet so as to avoid concussions, because in cases where concussions do occur, your teeth and the rest of your body can be at greater risk of injury.
Fortunately, in cases where a tooth gets knocked off, it can be repaired if a dentist is allowed to tend to it as soon as possible. Try soaking the fallen tooth in milk until you reach the dentist for the repairing process. In case of tooth loss, dentures can also be arranged. At the end of the day, however, it really pays off to take preventive measures seriously. For more information on the wide range of preventative dentistry services available at Comprehensive Dental Care Queanbeyan Canberra, please contact our friendly team at (02) 6297 1303