Benefits of a removable implant-supported removable denture

Periodontal disease is caused by a build up of plaque and bacteria in the mouth which hardens and becomes trapped under the gum-line. This infects and damages the teeth and bone structure, while microorganisms slowly erode the gums. Thankfully, if detected in the early stages, this disease can be treated before the teeth and bone structure begin to deteriorate.


Upon diagnosis a comprehensive treatment plan will be tailored in regards to the condition of your gums. This treatment is generally implemented over a series of visits.

Periodontal treatment involves:
  • Scaling – Scaling involves removing stubborn bacteria and calculus wedged below the gum-line.
  • Root Planning – involves removing plaque and tartar from the roots of the teeth to leave a cleansed and smooth surface.

It is important after this preventative treatment, that patients are dedicated to continuing their oral health routines. Treatment will meticulously clean the area- but this must be maintained in order to see effective and lasting results.

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