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At Comprehensive Dental Care we provide mouthguards to improve your sports performance and protect your teeth…
Not only are sports mouth guards crucial for protecting your teeth during fast-paced activity, they can also improve your overall balance during movement.

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Custom-made designs

By wearing a mouthguard especially made for you, your jaw is positioned at its correct resting position for optimum performance. Made to custom fit, your mouthguards will protect your smile and fit snugly over your teeth for the duration of your game.

Stabilising the jaw

Mouthguards will stabilise your head, neck and jaw whilst you are mobile. Perfect balance of these areas will ensure your performance will be at its peak during your game and improve your breathing ability.


Wearing a mouthguard during high-contact sports will also ensure you are free from any serious dental injuries. Due to their shock-absorption abilities, your mouthguard can prevent accidents such as tooth-loss from occurring.

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