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Porcelain veneers

Cosmetic dentist CanberraLike every other technique performed by cosmetic dentists, the process of adding porcelain veneers aims to perfect your smile. When you see beautiful teeth gleaming white in the mirror, your confidence level is raised considerably. Porcelain veneers can help you get to that point. Your dentist will outline a plan of how to make it happen and then begin the process of adding to teeth so they have the best possible shape and color. Rather than disturbing the integrity of your teeth, veneers go on top as a cosmetic solution.

How Veneers Help

The normal things you eat add to the daily discoloration and minor damage of teeth. Dentists often find small cracks and chips in teeth when looking over a patient’s mouth. This damage is caused by eating hard foods, grinding teeth while sleeping, biting fingernails and general wear. Even if you try to keep your teeth in perfect form, damage is going to occur at some point. Porcelain veneers can remove the image of damage and decay from your smile. Instead of seeing uneven edges and stained teeth, people will see the perfectly formed, white surfaces veneers provide.

For countless patients, tooth stains are a major problem. Coffee and tea drinkers are bound to find discoloration in their teeth, as are soda and red wine enthusiasts. Dark-colored liquids take away the shine and whiteness of teeth, but you don’t have to live with the image of yellowing teeth forever. Porcelain veneers cover up the stains and present an image of gleaming whiteness. Dentists add these thin porcelain layers to the exterior of your teeth.

Veneers also solve the problem of crooked, uneven teeth. Instead of opting for braces or some other type of solution, veneers can make your smile look much better with a minimal time commitment. Your teeth will not be straighter underneath the veneer, but the improved appearance will allow you to look and feel better about your teeth. When you have no self-consciousness about opening your mouth wide for a big smile, you’ll feel better. Few procedures that are so simple can do so much for dental patients of all ages.

Porcelain Veneers as Part of a Smile Makeover

Fixing structural damage in teeth and filling cavities should always be your oral health priority. However, once you have healthy teeth filling your mouth, improving the appearance of your smile is the next step. Though it may sound overstated, a beautiful smile can change your life on a variety of levels. From the first impression you make socially to the way you feel confident marching into any room, a strong physical appearance has a major impact on daily life. Consider porcelain veneers part of the plan for your total smile makeover.