Porcelain Veneers – A Painless Route to Gorgeous Teeth

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When hearing about porcelain veneers, the average person is skeptical. Can a dental procedure with such fantastic results actually require no drilling? Veneers traditionally involved some sort of “prep” work (also known as “drilling”), but the latest techniques can be handled by professionals specializing in pain-free procedures. Since porcelain is the material closest to natural tooth enamel, you get the highest form of cosmetic work done without seeing a drill come close to your mouth.

What a “Prepless” Veneer Really Is

In typical dental work, dentists will have to make room for additions and restorations by clearing away enamel with a drill. This prep work is an essential part of restorations, as it usually involves clearing away decayed areas of the tooth. With additive-only enhancement, the health of the tooth is safe; it’s the look of one tooth or several teeth that requires changing. Your dentist will see the exact way to add on to the tooth to make it look perfect. No reduction in enamel is necessary.

Discovering a Perfect Smile

If you have little to no tooth decay and are strictly concerned about the way your teeth look when you are in public, cosmetic dentistry is the way to go. Porcelain veneers are probably the best element of this practice, but other procedures like Invisalign and whitening are recommended as well. Composite veneers may seem like an affordable way to go the same route, but you’ll often find yourself dealing with the deterioration of their materials. They simply don’t have the same level of staying power as porcelain veneers. In the end, the value of porcelain is superior and your smile will look its best when using this material.

Important Facts about Porcelain Veneers

Some key facts about porcelain veneers are helpful to remember:

Skilled technicians only need to add to your tooth’s foundation. Custom veneers do the rest. You’ll be happy to know the drill stays turned off for the duration of your visit.
Veneers do not disrupt the natural order of your gums. Your periodontal health will not be affected by the addition of porcelain veneers.
Your smile can be perfected in a few trips to the dentist. Seeing your teeth’s problems corrected in minimal visits is a huge benefit.
Multiple procedures are usually required to achieve the same visual effect. Some patients opt for whitening, bonding and more to do what porcelain veneers can achieve on their own.

The Perfect, Pain-Free Smile

Anyone who has healthy teeth that are disfigured or poorly spaced can benefit greatly from porcelain veneers. Worrying about trips to the dentist is no longer an excuse with the advent of no-drill veneers, the impressive breakthrough of modern cosmetic dentistry.