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dental phobia care Canberra QueanbeyanThere are many people who avoid visiting the dentist because they have a fear of pain. It is a common conception that dental treatments are mostly painful. The majority of the people avoid visiting the dentist at initial stages which prolonged infections and cavities. With the modern advancements in the field of dentistry, this problem has been solved to a great extent. A wide range of modern techniques and medications can be used, alone or in combinations, to reduce or eliminate pain and control anxiety during the most dental procedures. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is an effective and safe sedative that is used to control anxiety in many dental procedures. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are combined to use a sedative which helps in relaxing and controlling the patient’s anxiety. It is inhaled through a breathing mask. It does not put a patient to sleep, as in most dental procedures it is necessary for a patient to hear and respond to any directions and requests. For the patients having excessive fear and anxiety issues, laughing gas may be a great help for them. Dr. Sonika Sharma, your own general dentist at Comprehensive Dental Care, focuses on making procedures painless for his patients. He will properly explain to you the pros and cons of laughing gas before using it on you.  

Q. What is Laughing gas?

A. Laughing gas is a common name for nitrous oxide. It is a colorless gas that is used in combination with oxygen as a sedating agent for pain relief and anxiety control. It is a very safe and effective sedative that relaxes the patient during the procedure while remaining conscious. It is also used in combination with local anesthesia for yielding total pain control. Laughing gas is widely used in painful dental treatment procedures to reduce the extent of pain. 

Q. How does Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas works?

A. Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, is administered with the help small mask which relaxes the patient and allows the dental procedure to proceed painlessly and smoothly. It controls the pain, anxiety, and stress of the patient. It is different from the other sedating drugs. It does not administer directly into the bloodstream of the patient. It works slowly and allows the patient to remain conscious. The patient remains peaceful and calm and the treatment goes comfortably. 

Q. How long do the effects of laughing gas last?

A. The effect of the laughing gas starts to felt within the minutes after inhalation. It also wears out within minutes after the gas is being stopped. The time required for the sedation to effect is somewhere between thirty seconds to three to four minutes. After the treatment procedure, the patients are free from the effects of the laughing gas. There are some conditions where effects can last for a little longer. Dr. Sonika Sharma, your own general dentist at Comprehensive Dental Care, take special care while treating his patients. He will brief you about it according to your treatment procedure. 

Q. What are the effects of laughing gas?

A. Following are the effects of laughing gas; 

  • Sedation
  • Numbness and giddiness
  • Giggling, laughing, initial rush, high and uncontrollable laughter 
  • Euphoria 
  • Distortion in sound and blurriness in vision
  • Seating and confusion
  • Dizziness, weakness, and tiredness 

Q. What precautions are necessary before using laughing gas?

A. Precautions are necessary before starting any treatment. Dr. Sonika Sharma, your general dentist at Comprehensive Dental Care, will recommend you to not eat anything two hours prior to the inhalation of the gas because laughing gas can have few side effects. The high amount of gas can cause nausea in some patients. Some patients having issues like nasal blockage cannot be able to use nitrous oxide effectively. 

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