At Comprehensive Dental Care we offer affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal.

Problems with wisdom teeth

When your wisdom teeth start to erupt, this can cause discomfort in some people. In some cases there is not enough room in their jaws to accommodate for these teeth. Due to crowded wisdom teeth in the upper jaw often lean sideways and rub against the cheek. This may cause ulcers on the cheek and chewing problems. Food and bacteria can get stuck between the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it and eventual decay of the tooth.

Wisdom teeth require removal
  • If wisdom teeth are partly through and don’t emerge any further, we’ll take them out for the patient’s comfort
  • If the teeth have come partly and sometime this makes it very difficult to clean the tooth adequately and usually results in infection of the gum and eventual decay of the tooth.

Best to remove Wisdom teeth early as the roots of wisdom teeth are still forming and it is easy to remove them. When fully formed roots gets impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth may also develop cysts or infections.

With extensive experience in wisdom teeth extraction, our dentist will offer fixed price wisdom teeth removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Extractions

Having to undergo teeth extraction is something that is not very common in terms of dental treatments today. It is thought better to retain teeth instead of having them extracted; however, sometimes the extraction of the teeth is the only way to treat a dental condition. The dentist will be the one who will evaluate whether or not the teeth should be extracted or retained and that is dependent upon the overall condition of the teeth. If you are going for dental extractions, sometime in the near future then you need to know about the frequently asked questions about dental extractions.

There are lots of different reasons for dental extractions and here are some of the major dental issues that may require you to undergo the dental extraction treatment today. Here are some of them:

Periodontal disease
Extensive tooth damage
To prevent further dental complications
To improve the appearance of the teeth Teeth with no regular function
Vertical cracks appearing in the tooth roots

When you are undergoing tooth extraction you need to understand the entire process in order to calm your nerves and relax before the operation. There are different methods of dental extractions, which vary according to the type of teeth, the roots and the positioning of the jaw. Most of the times the teeth will be removed without any complications, but sometimes there may be some unforeseen problems, which include:

Abnormal positioning of the tooth
Large or curved roots
Adjacent teeth have crowns
An impacted or unerupted tooth that is attached to the jaw bone

Sometimes the tooth may even need to be divided into separate segments, so that it may be removed and extracted safely from the mouth.

Once you have undergone the dental extraction surgery, you will be required to take extra care of your teeth and mouth in order to avoid any possible side effects. Here is how you should look to take care of teeth after extraction:

Take lots of rest
Avoid drinking alcohol
Eat lots of soft foods
Drink plenty of fluids
Use ice packs to manage pain & reduce swelling
Don’t drive or engage in exercise after you have been sedated

When you are undergoing dental extraction surgery, you will have to undertake a slight risk, since complications are a part of every major surgery. Your dentist, however, will try to minimize the risks and provide you with a dental extraction with the bare minimum side effects. You may have to face some of the following possible side effects after dental extraction:

Bleeding (Haemorrhage) Pain
Sinus problems
Dry socket

Damage to nearby teeth Numbness or altered sensation Thinning of jaw bone

You should consult with your dentist and ask about the possible side effects of your dental extraction before undergoing the surgery.

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