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One unfortunate truth about issues pertaining to personal health and hygiene is the lack of awareness in individuals. This prevents them from recognizing early symptoms of dental diseases, and visits to the physician or dentist are delayed. The following are some of the dental issues that people experience frequently. Make sure you visit your dentist as soon as the symptoms of these diseases begin to manifest.

Oral cancer, although not overly common, is a condition that requires proper supervision and awareness for timely detection and treatment. Oral cancer is highly common among people who smoke tobacco and drink excessive alcohol, as well people whose dentures do not fit properly. It starts with a small painless bump inside the mouth, which is why it is important to get yourself screened regularly if you are a smoker, alcohol consumer, or use dentures.

Moreover, an abscessed tooth is another common occurrence that starts when an infection travels up the tooth and near the jawbone, creating a pus-filled lump that can make you feel excruciating pain. Redness of gums, fever, and swelling are common symptoms, and if left untreated, can cause the infection to spread further into the jawbone. In extreme cases, a root canal may be necessary to fix the abscessed tooth.

One of the most common and recurrent dental issues is cavities, mostly caused by the excessive consumption of candies and acidic foods. Treatment of cavities depends on the extent of the infection, and may include crowning or a root canal in advanced cases.

Similarly, gingivitis refers to the disease of the gums. It is caused by the development of plaque on the teeth. Symptoms include redness of the gums, swelling, and bleeding. In severe cases, the inflammation can outspread to the surrounding tissue and cause the teeth to fall out. The risk of acquiring this disease is increased by smoking, pregnancy, diabetes and genetic factors. If detected and treated in the earlier stages, gingivitis is reversible.

Tooth sensitivity is a condition that can be painful and leads to great discomfort. The primary cause of sensitivity is the erosion of enamel from your teeth and from the enamel under the gum, also known as cementum. As a result, a stingy pain may be felt when foods such as sweets and cold items are consumed. The treatment varies by cause, and may include fluoride gel, crowning, or even a gum graft if the gum has receded in extreme cases.

In order to avoid these issues, make sure you include brushing, flossing and rinsing into your daily oral health routine. In addition, set regular appointments with your dentist so that potential sources of disease can be timely detected and treated. For more information on the wide range of best available dental services at Comprehensive Dental Care Queanbeyan Canberra, please contact our friendly team at (02) 6297 1303