Is Oral Sedation the Answer to Feared Trips to the Dentist?

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Is Oral Sedation the Answer to Feared Trips to the Dentist?

dental phobia care Canberra QueanbeyanFearing visits to the dentist has been a reality for patients ever since the first tooth was pulled. The idea of a drill going into the core of a tooth is simply too much for some people to handle. As a result, even the slightest bit of pain will be magnified when visiting a dentist for procedures as simple as a routine cleaning. Is there an answer when your fear factor has risen so high? In fact, oral sedation can take the pain and ultimately the fear out of any visit to your dentist.

How Oral Sedation Works

Sedation dentistry involves the application of anxiolytics that make you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. In this state of mind, dental procedures ranging from root canals to crowns and inlays seem perfectly harmless (as they should). Your dentist will review your medical history and make sure you are cleared for the use of sedatives. Anxiolytics rank the highest in terms of safety by pharmacists, making their use ideal for dental professionals. Administered orally, these anxiolytics are swallowed, dissolved in the mouth or placed under the tongue (the latter is considered the best application).

How to Plan for an Appointment

In the case of shorter dentist visits, you won’t need to plan ahead all that much. Driving to and from the appointment is inadvisable, so plan to get a ride or take public transportation. In the case of lengthier procedures, your dentist may instruct you to take anxiolytics the night before your appointment. Observe your dentist’s instructions for food consumption leading up to the appointment and keep in mind that working at your job after these visits will be difficult. It’s best to schedule these visits for off-days or at the end of a working day.

Safety Precautions with Oral Sedation

Your dentist will advise you on how to approach the prospect of oral sedation. He or she will ask for a list of the medications you are consuming, discuss your medical history, review the herbal medicines you use and advise on alcohol/tobacco consumption as it relates to sedation. Being open and honest about all types of dietary and narcotic habits is important at these times. A dentist is not there to judge you, but rather to ensure your safety is the top priority throughout the visit.

Finding the Right Formula for You

If this type of oral sedation doesn’t work for you, there are other options in pain-free dentistry. Ask your Queanbeyan dentist about inhalation and intravenous sedation, which could prove just as effective without taking a pill of any kind. In the end, you want to find the right formula for comfort so you can get the dental care you need whenever an issue arises.