Gum Lift And Re Shaping

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Gum Lift And Re Shaping Canberra

Do you have a gummy smile that you wish to improve? Gum lifts and re-shaping can help you achieve this…

Some patients may suffer with overgrown gums that are covering the surface of their teeth and inhibiting their smile. In the smile design procedure, unsymmetrical gum tissue can easily corrected with a laser gum re-contouring.

Gum re-shaping

Gum lifting and re-shaping is a simple procedure to correct the “gummy smile” or uneven gum line.

How is it performed?

It requires the gums to be laser-trimmed which alters the shape and size in order to recover more of the tooths surface.

Improving gum conditions

Other conditions like fibrous, overgrown gums, excess of gums covering teeth and uneven gums can be re-shaped to improve overall appearance.

Restore Your Dream Smile...

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