Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Erosions!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Erosions!

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Treatment of tooth enamel loss depends on the problem. Our Cosmetic Dentists in Canberra, after through examination provide a comprehensive erosion treatment and after care treatment plan.

Dental erosions are a pain in neck and the tooth and it is important that you look after your dental health in order to avoid this problem. There are lots of different dental problems and it is important that you keep your teeth in good order in order to avoid ever hurting or damaging your teeth. It is astonishing to find the number of people who have never had dental care which is mostly due to lack of knowledge about such problems.

Dental erosions occur extremely frequently and most people have no idea that they are living with eroded teeth. It is important to learn more about them, and in order to do that, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dental erosions.

What are the Common Causes of Dental Erosions?

Dental erosions are extremely common and are one of the most common dental problems. You need to look after the food and drink you consume on a daily basis in order to prevent dental erosion. Some of the most common causes of dental erosions are:

  • Acidic food and drinks
  • Medicines
  • Stomach acid

Your teeth are protected by a special layer called the enamel and in dental erosions the enamel gets eroded from exposure to acids and thereby makes the teeth extremely sensitive. Once the enamel is eroded the teeth are exposed and you will experience sharp pain whenever you try to chew. The primary causes of dental erosions are as a result of poor dental hygiene and consumption of sugar.

What are the Treatments for Dental Erosions?

Once you visit the dentist and find that you have dental erosions you should stop taking foods and drinks that are rich in acid and sugar. This is necessary in order to prevent your teeth from further erosion. Your dentist will recommend that you used fluoride toothpaste in order to avoid your teeth from becoming overly sensitive. If your teeth have become too eroded to be treated by fluoride your dentist may decide to extract them or recommend you to have root canal treatment. Here are some of the treatments that your dentist may offer for dental erosions:

How Should I Care for My Teeth After Dental Erosion?

Once you have dental erosion it is important that you take extra care of your teeth or else you will end up damaging them beyond repair and extraction may be required. Here are some of the best ways to care for your teeth after dental erosion:

  • Stop consuming acidic food or drinks
  • Drink lots of water
  • Drink plain milk
  • Delay brushing for 30 minutes after teeth are exposed to acidic food
  • Brush your teeth regularly with fluoride paste and a soft brush
  • Chew sugar free gum
  • Swallow vitamin C tablets
  • Apply fluoride gel directly to your teeth
  • Eat lots of vegetables

It is important to talk about all the treatment options with your local Queanbeyan dentist and get a written estimate of the cost before starting treatment.