Five Types of Foods that Promote Oral Health

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Due to the interconnectedness of the human body, you can never separate one element of health from another. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that observing good oral health and enjoying good general health are the same. Still, some foods promote a higher level of oral health and fight tooth decay naturally. Anyone who has struggled with cavities or other dental issues in the past can benefit by consuming them. Here are five that can improve your oral and general health.CheesesWhen you eat snacks high in sugar content, acids wreak havoc on the enamel of your teeth. Cheese can neutralize the acidity and work on behalf of your teeth immediately. Cheese also acts as a saliva-producing agent, which helps maintain a healthy balance in your mouth. Lastly, cheese is an excellent source of calcium, one of the best agents for strengthening bones and teeth.


Milk from cows has lactose, one of the sugars that is not harmful to tooth enamel. In addition, this type of milk is high in calcium and phosphorous, both of which fight against decay. Mothers nursing babies can feel confident about the beneficial effects of breast milk as well. Though it does not contain the same level of calcium, breast milk is an essential part of the development of children. Dentists see a disadvantage in giving either breast milk or cow’s milk at night to children, so the best time to feed is during the day. Adults and children generally benefit far more from milk than they suffer in disadvantages.

Plant Foods

The importance of saliva production has not gotten the right amount of press when it comes to stalling tooth decay. Saliva in the mouth restores the equilibrium your oral health requires. Foods like peanuts, olives, almonds and apples can stimulate the salivary glands and help you maintain quality dental health. Dentists recommend sugar-free gums after meals for this same reason. Instead of letting acids attack your teeth, gum can restore the balance and prevent decay. When eating nuts, be careful of the potential for damage as you would when eating all hard foods.


The flavonoids in black and green teas team up with polyphenols to provide antioxidant protection to the body on many levels. In addition, these teas are a source of fluoride, your body’s main ally in the war against tooth decay.


Unrefined cocoa has the power to fight against caries. Confusing this form of cocoa with heavily sugared chocolate is a mistake, but in its purest form, cocoa can help you achieve sound oral health.

Finding foods that make you feel good about meals, help general health and promote good oral health can be hard to find. These five examples work on all counts.