Five Questions to Ask about Dental Implants

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Five Questions to Ask about Dental Implants

Dental implants enhance the way you look and make you feel better every time you eat. The uncertainty and insecurity that accompanies the loss of teeth is never good for you physically or psychologically. Implants correct these problems and allow you to care for them the same as your other teeth. Nonetheless, there are numerous misconceptions about dental implants. Here are five questions to ask as you before committing.1. Where Does the Process Begin?As with all matters of dental health, start by consulting a professional. Ask your dentist what to expect in terms of time, pain and results. In some cases, he or she will be able to construct a digital model of what your implants will look like. Of course, it is impossible to simulate the feeling of a metal post in your mouth covered by porcelain – the anatomy of a dental implant. In some cases, your dentist may refer you to a specialist.2. Are You Better off in the Hands of Your Dentist or a Specialist?

It can be difficult to know the level of expertise of your dentist when it comes to implants. The best way is to ask directly. If you trust your dentists, you can accept the answer and move on in the recommended direction. If he or she refers you to another professional, there is nothing to worry about. Your dentist is seeing you get the best treatment possible.

3. Do Forms Need to be Filled out Prior to the Implant Procedure?

Since there is a surgical element to getting dental implants, your dentist will walk you through the steps of the procedure and ask you to sign forms establishing your consent. Your medical history will be reviewed carefully beforehand to make sure you are ready to handle the surgery.

4. Are Dental Centers Advertising Same-Day Implants Legitimate?

Recently, dental centers that promise to deliver the entire implant process in one day have come into existence. Since there is a number of examinations that go into the making of one or more implants, the reality is most people cannot go through the entire procedure in one day. Ask about their practices before believing one-day service will work for you.

5. Are Many Dentists Capable of both Surgical and Restorative Procedures?

This question will have a different answer every time. Unless you are intimately familiar with the dentist’s skill set and experience, it is safer to assume that two different professionals will complete the implant procedure. Still, many dentists capable of both are at work. Talk it over to get an idea where your dentist stands.

The benefits of getting dental implants are so great that you deserve giving the treatment a shot. Ask these questions before making a decision.