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The Simplicity and Efficiency of CEREC Technology

CEREC technology is changing the way people think about trips to the dentist. While you would expect basic fillings to be done quickly in a single visit to the dentist, more complex procedures are known to take multiple visits with weeks of waiting in between. Can it be possible to have a crown manufactured on the spot and applied in a single visit? Using the CAD/CAM technology during a CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) procedure, you can walk into a dentist’s office and walk out wearing a crown in the time it takes for a normal appointment.

The CEREC process is a precision format on so many levels. Digital imaging allows your dentist the opportunity to save as much of your natural tooth as possible when designing and formulating the crown. That means less drilling for you and a shorter time frame for cleaning gums and clearing space. Next, your dentist will come up with the exact color that makes your crown blend in with neighboring teeth. CEREC technology cuts down on the aggravation of long periods of time in a dental chair and the waiting time spent in between appointments for a crown.

While CEREC is now making its presence made in the dental industry, the technology has existed for decades. The cost was prohibitive for much of that history, but advances and proliferation of the machines have brought the prices down. Technology of such great value is only going to become more popular and lead to the manufacturing of more machines, making CEREC likely to be one of the big trends in dentistry beyond 2012. Can a patient ask for more than having a crown formulated on the spot and applied in a matter of minutes?

The top professional dentists are ecstatic about the possibilities on deck with CEREC technology. Instead of creating anxiety in the time between visits for a crown, it can be handled in a single day. There is a lot of stress for patients when wearing a temporary crown, as it does not have the same level of comfort and protection as a fitted, permanent solution. They can sometimes break off between visits or, when cemented very firmly, required a great deal of work to remove them to clear space for the finished crown.

Is CEREC technology right for you? It is hard to think of a person who would not benefit from this system of restorative dental work. Ask your dentist about the cost of CEREC and see how it fits into your budget when you are considering a porcelain crown. Your smile and dental health can be improved in one quick visit when you opt for today’s CEREC procedures.