Dramatically Impact Self Esteem with Cosmetic Dentistry

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What do people see when they look in the mirror? One of the first things that they see is their smile. The smile can either enhance your appearance or can leave you feeling unsightly. Over the years, numerous studies have been done on how the smile affects a person’s self-esteem. With the advent and improvement in cosmetic dentistry, more and more people are availing this option worldwide.

In normal day-to-day life, there is hardly anyone we know who does not have a dental problem. Fear of dentists in individuals lead many of us to avoid the dental chair, which results in further problems to be created. Crooked, go stained or yellow teeth not only affect the smile but the problems go much deeper than that. It is no longer a cosmetic issue for people as its effects go towards the very core of self-esteem and self-worth. Poor appearance or self-worth can cause depression and social anxiety in many people.

The way we perceive themselves speaks volumes about their mental health. Teeth can affect a person’s self-esteem in numerous ways. Firstly, missing teeth can make a person shy away from public speaking. The person may tend to avoid social gatherings altogether. Missing teeth also gives the appearance of looking older and more mature than the person actually is, and some of the facial features, like the jawline and cheeks might sink a little.

Even though crooked teeth can be fixed with braces, it may cause increased anxiety in people, especially children. Braces also dramatically impact a child’s self-worth and appearance. Most of the children start refraining from social contact until they get their braces off. The golden years when they should be taking many pictures, they have their mouths covered. There is also a possibility of being bullied or teased at school. This can result in shyness and refusal to take part in school activities.

Thus getting teeth fixed through cosmetic dentistry can greatly increase self-esteem and self-worth. Visiting the dentist once a year and eating healthy can result in a pretty smile and a boost in self-confidence. For more information on the wide range of cosmetic dental services at Comprehensive Dental Care Queanbeyan Canberra, please contact our friendly team at (02) 6297 1303