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From beautiful nails to gleaming teeth:Composite veneers for elegance

As a modern and fashionable woman you want to look your sexiest and simply stunning wherever you are. But is that chipped and cracked smile letting you down? With the contemporary fashion for shellac nails adding to a  woman’s normal beauty routine we thought we’d explore dental veneers in easy to understand beauty therapy terms.

Gleaming smile and polished nails? Wow!

Preparing for the weekend you might choose to go and “get your nails done”. A forty minute appointment will take you from tarnished and bitten nails to elegant digits quite simply. Your therapist will use a UV light to cure and prepare a shellac coating for your ‘gel nails’ that should hopefully last one or two great nights out. Now many woman have this simple procedure done, but not as many realise that a smile that seriously detracts from their natural beauty is as simple to get, via the dental art of composite veneers, as those short lived gel nails. And the procedures are surprisingly similar.

The art of composite veneers

The procedure is fairly straightforward and a lot of beautification such as chip and crack repair, shape,size and colour improvement all possible with these veneers. Effectively a covering, just like your gel nails, is laid over your tooth’s surface to sort out these minor cosmetic adjustments.

Just like your beauty session this dentist led procedure is accomplished in less than an hour. But this oral enhancement will last a lot longer from 2-5 years, now that’s a dental beauty treatment that will last a whole lot of nights out.

Again let’s compare these cosmetic enhancements, essentially just like your nails a coating is overlaid on your teeth, and mostly cured by a UV light, to enhance your smile. All sorts of minor problems can be corrected such as stained teeth, gap closing and crooked teeth.

Dentist as artist

Continuing on our comparison, your nail technician will have spent a lot of careful time preparing and applying your false nails. Well a professional dentist is as concerned with the cosmetic enhancement of your teeth.

Ever a consummate professional they will carefully prepare the tooth’s surface through cleansing and acid etching to better enable the veneer to bond ( yes,just like the preparation of your nails). Even before this is done a careful colour analysis has been completed so the porcelain veneers will match  your tooth’s natural shade perfectly. The true dental artistry, and to be frank a lot more accomplished than any nail technician, then comes in with the dentist carefully sculpting,polishing, applying and re-applying the composite veneer to perfect what should then be an award winning imperfection free smile.

Composite Veneers as a beauty treatment

Of course this cosmetic dentistry procedure is more complex than the pretty fingernails that you’re now sporting, but we’re sure that you can see the comparisons between the procedures.

So if you think that your teeth could be improved with the addition of composite veneers than as you’ve seen with the two procedures being similar but the dental treatment being so much more long lasting and with a greater impact, you really have no excuse not to visit your dentist.