Dental Implants – the Solution for a Lost Tooth

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Dental Implants – the Solution for a Lost Tooth

Dentist implants CanberraLosing a tooth is an incredibly stressful experience, whether it is the result of an accident or the culmination of years of wear and neglect. Once the tooth is gone, there is no point in mourning its loss. Dental implants are ideal for resolving this issue as soon as it occurs. Once the implant replaces your tooth, you can chew food, brush and floss as you always have and live a normal life. This solution for a missing tooth is superior because it is functional and looks like one of your regular teeth.

The Stress of Losing a Tooth

Any time we lose a part of ourselves, it takes a physical and mental toll. Seeing a missing tooth in your mouth means confronting a broken smile, while feeling the space in your mouth can be unnerving at the very least. If you leave this condition uncorrected, your other teeth will begin to draw toward the empty space, creating problems in alignment. Your entire set of teeth will quickly fall out of whack. Of course, problems chewing food pop up immediately. In the long term, you might see gum diseases develop in this spot.

How an Implant Procedure Works

An implant is handled in two different steps. A metal post is implanted into the bone of your mouth, creating a solid connection. Unlike bridgework, which places a tooth up to the gums, implants are connected to the bone. To give this metal post the appearance of a natural tooth, it is fitted with a crown. Crowns take approximately two weeks to be formulated and returned from the lab, unless a CEREC machine is being used for the job. Once the crown is ready to cover the post, you have your implant in place. It looks and fees like a natural tooth.

Caring for an Implant

Implants are permanent solutions. They are never removed from your mouth and they require no special care. You brush the tooth, floss it and rinse mouthwash around it as you do all other teeth. Finding a solution so convenient and effective might seem incredible, but modern dental procedures are becoming more advanced every year. By the middle of the twenty-first century, older dental issues and policies will likely become ancient history.

The Solution that Saves the Day

Finding a solution for a missing tooth might be stressful for you, but once you settle on an implant, the worrying can cease. Implants are a safe solution and preferred by many people to bridgework. If you want that feeling of stability only natural teeth can give, dental implants will do the best job. Connection to the bone is the difference between this procedure and every other solution for missing teeth.