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In the Australia large number standard dental implants are carried out yearly. Recent news articles highlighting some of the dangers associated with this comprehensive dental procedure have done little to slim patients’ eagerness to choose the implant route over oral prosthetics. It’s hoped that by the end of this article you’ll have some more understanding of both the benefits and dangers of having a dental implant.

Dentistry makes headlines

With the renowned father of psychology, Sigmund Freud believing that an entire stage of our childhood should be dubbed the ‘oral stage’ due to many physical and psychological behaviours associated with these lip rimmed orifices it is self apparent that our mouths are crucial: eating , drinking ,singing, kissing and so on are all its remit. However whilst teeth might feature heavily in the above pleasurable and crucial activities it appears that nerve injuries can have a devastating effect on this area. I’m sure you’ll guess where we’re leading with this… That’s right oral nerve injuries are on the rise due to dental implants. It’s believed that about 1% of implants cause nerve damage. So is getting a dental implant worth the risk?

Why you should get a dental implant

With caries (tooth decay) being one of the most widespread of modern diseases it’s no surprise that even with modern dental medicine people can lose their teeth. That’s without mentioning what some dentists would regard as inevitable tooth loss due to old age and also accidents that can deprive a patient of their fangs.

If you’re in this postion and don’t want the stigma attached with dentures, or the associated hassle of taking them out at night, then dental implants need to be considered.

Your roots hold your teeth in, and modern dentistry has given us the ability to have artificial roots which can be used to hold dental bridges or artificial teeth. These man-made tooth roots are the implants that you’re considering getting.

In more detail

Titanium is one of the strongest metals known to man, and like gold doesn’t usually cause any allergic reaction in the human body. It’s for this reason that your artificial root is made from the valuable metal. Fixed into the jaw bone itself these pegs actually fuse with the bone to make the foundation for your new teeth.

Are dental implants for you?

A long and complex procedure awaits you if you choose to get them. We’ve done our best to highlight the main danger from nerve damage, but highly recommend letting a dentist walk and talk you through the entire procedure which is beyond the scope of our short article. We will leave you with a focus point for any questions that you might want to ask your dentist:

  • Sometimes bone grafts are necessary if your jaws don’t have enough bone to support the implants
  • Sometimes chewing can seem unnatural with the implants
  • For edentulous jaws ( ie. no teeth remain) have a look at procedures like “teeth in a day”, that enable same day fitting of implants and prosthesis
  • You could wait up to 3 months before dental implants are able to be fitted after tooth extraction
  • After care is crucial to highlight whether they are working as they should and in case any of that dreaded nerve damage has occurred.