Dental Crowns to Fix the Damage in a Weakened Tooth

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When a tooth has a major cavity and cannot be fixed with a typical filling, your dentist may suggest a crown as the ideal solution. A dental crown serves as cover for a weakened tooth once the unhealthy elements have been removed and a properly fitting cap is placed over the remaining core. While adding strength, size and stability to a damaged tooth, porcelain and metal crowns will improve your smile and make your teeth more functional at the same time.

The Choice between Metal and Porcelain Crowns

You have the choice of metal or porcelain crowns when you want to fix a tooth with a cavity too large to fill. Of course, porcelain fillings take on the same appearance and texture as your natural teeth, making them the most cosmetically palatable solution. Metal crowns are more durable in the long run, though not as attractive as porcelain. As a compromise, you can opt for metal-based crowns that have porcelain covering – a solution that is both attractive and functional.

A Look at the Dental Crown Procedure

Your dentist will assess the quality of a tooth and plan to remove the entire outer layer. By removing the weak or damaged areas, a solid core is left on which the crown will be placed. A professional dentist will then craft a crown to fit above the core of your tooth. After taking a mold, it is sent to a lab where crowns are made. The process may take a week or longer. In the meantime, you wear a temporary cap for your tooth. Once the crown is ready, your dentist will fit it on top of your tooth and hold it in place with strong adhesive. The result is a solid, beautiful crown.

Paying for Durable Quality

When you decide a crown is the best solution for a damaged or severely decayed tooth, you are deciding to solve the tooth’s problem for the long term. Quality work and an enduring solution are well worth your money. After all, if the solution is only temporary, saving a small amount of money will turn out to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Choose a professional dentist experienced in taking molds and making sure the root of any tooth is strong before adding the crown.

Observing the Beauty of a Well-Made Crown

Crowns are designed to fit into your mouth of teeth without showing any noticeable difference. Your dentist will set a proper size and tone of white to make the crown appear as natural (or better) than any of your other teeth. Ask for advice if you are having trouble deciding between metal, porcelain or a hybrid of both. The beauty of a well-made dental crown will keep your smile pretty for years to come.