Dental Crowns simply explained

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A dental crown is a pre constructed restoration of a single tooth. What that means for someone seeking to get a dental crown for cosmetic or hygiene purposes is that there is hope! You don’t need to wander around with a lop-sided smile anymore. But surely people will be thinking that there must be some sort of major surgery involved to get your teeth back to their pearly white selves. In this article we’ll cover a few of the misconceptions of dental crowns and show you how easy they are to have done.Getting pally with your dentist

So is a crown going to make your dentist rich and possibly the most visited friend from your address book? No, as you’ll hopefully only be having to see your dentist for two visits.

Visit One

Prepare to be crowned! You’ll be expecting some pain coming your way when you hear that your tooth will be “filed down” and “”smoothed out”. Don’t worry, like everything in the dentist’s lair it’s a lot less stressful than it actually sounds. For one thing this tooth preparation will be eased off with the apllication of a local anaesthetic, so goodbye pain!

Now you want your tooth to look like yours don’t you? So part of this preparation will involve a moulded impression being taken of your tooth. Remember what fun you had as a child making hand impressions in moulding clay or even mud? Well this is precisely the same idea, except the target is now your precious tooth that needs restoring. At the same time the dentist will be doing some very clever dental colour matching to make sure that when your crown is affixed it will match the rest of your teeth.

At last things will start to look better even at this stage as you’ll be leaving the dental surgery with a brand new, albeit temporary crown, while the real deal will be prepared by a dental technician in a high tech laboratory.

Visit Two

You’re almost there to that fabled film star smile. You’ll return to the surgery two weeks later for the fitting of your crown. If you didn’t like the anasthesia last time than you’ll have the option of forgoing it on this visit, because the process is a lot quicker and less painless on this visit. Some dentists even have the art down to a twenty minute visit for the actual crown fitting.

A Mitchell’s carver is used to remove your temporary crown and a strong dental adhesive (normally polycarbonate, or aquacam to industry professionals) is used to affix the prepared crown.

You’ll leave the dentist quite happy to beam out your brand new smile to every passerby. Just make sure that you look after your teeth this time! The secured crown is plenty strong and could last a very long time. But as the years go on many people could choose to go back and refit a new crown on average every ten years. And why not, since it is such an easy process.