Dental Bridges: The Attractive Solution to a Serious Problem. Dental Bridge Procedure

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Missing teeth can create a variety of dental problems, from throwing off the alignment of remaining teeth to causing gum damage and disease. While it is a worst case scenario, losing a tooth to decay or damage can be fixed by professional dental bridges. The process involves using the adjacent teeth to “bridge” over the missing tooth, supplying a replacement between the capped outer teeth. In essence, it is two-parts crown and one-part false tooth. Three attractive teeth take over this problem area in your mouth. Bridges will enhance your smile by restoring balance and overall dental health. 

Why Are Bridges Necessary?

Missing teeth cause a variety of oral problems. To start, they disrupt the alignment of your teeth. The space that exists in the mouth pulls other teeth towards it, in many ways like a gravitational force. Your smile will quickly suffer when this problem is left untreated. Besides the issues with an uneven smile, missing teeth can lead to severe problems in your gums. Bacteria buildup may cause gum disease eventually. Dental bridges solve these major issues and allow you to feel confident in the health of your teeth and gums.

The Process of Creating a Bridge

Dental professionals systematically restore your beautiful smile when creating a bridge. To begin, they clear out any fragments in the damaged area. Next, a dentist will grind down the neighboring teeth so the caps can fit above them. Your dentist will then construct a bridge to occupy the three different areas. In other cases, a dentist will construct a cantilever bridge to solve problems when teeth are only on one side. Either way, the imaging and fitting process is essential to creating a bridge that allows you to feel like it is a part of your natural set of teeth. Professionals who are adept at this process can make your smile better than ever before.

Avoiding Problems Down the Road

Missing teeth can plague your oral health for years when left untreated. Your confidence level will drop and your mouth will feel awkward with the extra space. Over time, bacteria entering the area in and around your gums will lead to serious oral health issues. Gum disease is one of the potential consequences. Meanwhile, as the neighboring teeth get pulled toward the empty space, the alignment of all teeth in your mouth becomes skewed. Dental bridges are the ideal solution to these long-term risks.

Finding a Professional Solution

Find a professional dentist to solve the problems caused by missing teeth. When you put your oral health in the hands of an experienced dentist, you can be sure your smile will stay beautiful and your teeth remain healthy for years to come.