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If you have the slightest concerns with the appearance of your teeth and were told that you could have relatively cheap cosmetic enhancement in one sitting, then you’d be foolish to pass up that opportunity.

Why should I care about dental bonding?

In this day and age cosmetic treatments, both dental and otherwise, are easily obtained. Even if you’re not a person concerned with your appearance it’s certainly true that much of society is. So if your teeth are imperfect and you’re not doing anything about it you’ll certainly be seen in a poor light by everybody else who sees the need for being aesthetically pleasing. If you work with the public or are reliant on interaction with others as part of your career you’d be certainly doing yourself a disservice.

We’re not waxing lyrical about advanced cosmetic dental treatments, that would be a step too far. What we are advocating is a little known branch of cosmetic dentistry ( actually adhesive dentistry, but that’s really for those in the dental profession to worry about), and that’s known as bonding. Dental Bonding is possibly the simplest one visit solution for simple smile enhancement.

Smile 000

An ambulance can be rushed to your house and perform help with a quick medical emergency, for anything of a larger scale a hospital is going to be needed. Bonding is a bit like that ambulance, a quick, but effective, solution for a minor problem. Whilst you might not have a smile like a rusty bear-trap; it’s possible that your little chips, blemishes and discolourations are causing you some distress.

Enhanced dental work like crowns or veneers might be more than is needed. Bonding might sort these problems out, and best of all it is inexpensive and swift.

Bonding with your dentist

Quite simply a resin is applied to the prepared surface of the tooth needing the dentist’s love and care. This resin literally melds to the tooth’s surface, hence the term bonding. Two of the biggest pros of this procedure is the swiftness with which it can be accomplished and the fact that no anaesthetic is needed.

Despite this simplicity the uses of dental bonding are many. Teeth can be lengthened, gaps closed and minor imperfections perfected. Best of all the composite resin used is very close to the natural colouring of teeth and has great durability and elasticity making it fantastically resilient.

Excitingly enough with the modern fears of amalgam filling many with dread over their supposed toxic properties, bonding provides a viable and often better looking alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

A Da Vinci amongst Dentists

Bonding is best carried out by specialised dental practices. Many comparisons have been made by the dental community between dentists who are good at bonding and famous artists or sculptors. While it’s easy to dismiss this as pure hyperbole there’s actually a valid point to be made.

The skill and artistry needed to effectively match the shade of a patient’s  teeth, get the texture and ‘look’ of a tooth just right with the bonding procedure is surely more in the realm of art than dentistry.

So if you want to transform your mouth from being just an aceeptable working solution into a dental work of note then perhaps it’s time you enquired about dental bonding.