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Things you need to know

It is important to gather as much information about the types of cosmetic dental procedures so that you know the quality of service you should expect.
Before moving ahead with the discussion of the types of cosmetic dental procedures, the first factor to consider when choosing your cosmetic dentist is comfort. Since such cosmetic dental procedures can alter the way you smile, make sure you give your pick of a cosmetic dentist its deserved thought and time.

For a smile that shines, services of a cosmetic dentist are inevitable. A confident smile can significantly affect the way people perceive you. Since a cosmetic dentist is the one responsible for bringing any changes to the appearance of your teeth, his importance cannot be denied. One amazing option you can pick is cosmetic dentist Canberra. Having helped many get that million-dollar smile, it will come as a choice that will never go wrong.
Different types of surgeries offered by cosmetic dentist Canberra are listed below.

Mouth reconstruction – There are cases where a lot of teeth have broken down because of age or any other reason. Since it is important to replace the broken teeth, if they are in large number, then an entire mouth reconstruction is done.

Crowns – Crowns are teeth cap that are affixed to dental implants to replace or cover the broken or missing ones. It is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dental procedure. A crown cover the entire tooth. The other procedure is onlay. An onlay requires only the removal of weak areas of the tooth. The lab made onlay is then bonded to the healthy tooth. This leaves a larger and healthier tooth structure intact.

Filling and inlays – Fillings and inlays are used for covering cavity areas in teeth. Also, they are used for replacement of any silver fillings. Made up of white material, these inlays and fillings impeccably match the color of the existing teeth.

Veneers –Veneers are covers that are placed on a layer of enamel that is perfectly filed off. The filing is done to ensure that the tooth retains its thickness. This helps bring the desired confidence to your smile.