Cosmetic Dentist – Keys to Successful Smile Makeovers

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A cosmetic dentist is a term used to describe a person who performs procedures on people’s teeth that improve their appearance. The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is not to improve the function of teeth. It is particularly concerned with the beautification of a person’s smile. The focus of cosmetic dentistry lies in the art of restorative dentistry and not just the aspect of science. To a common person, the art of creating perfect white teeth may not seem to be a big job. However, a cosmetic dentist needs to have a good eye; a comprehensive understanding of the human dental anatomy and the individual must have mastered the art of handling dental tools and materials. Despite its importance, cosmetic dentistry is not considered a specialty in the field of dentistry.
The basic purpose of undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure is to enhance the appearance of a person’s teeth. However, in some cases, the procedure can also improve or restore an individual’s oral health as well. The basic cosmetic dentistry procedures include:
Brightening a person’s smile through inexpensive teeth whitening procedures. This can be achieved by using teeth whitening products at home or with professional help under your dentist’s care.
Treatment for chipped teeth by using material that has the same color as an individual’s tooth. The treatment is known as composite bonding.
Camouflaging dental imperfections with the use of composite or porcelain veneers.
Porcelain crowns can hide heavy dental imperfections by their natural texture. They work better than composite or porcelain veneers.
Teeth can be contoured and reshaped to give them a more leveled appearance.
Instead of the conventional metal braces, many people prefer orthodontic aligners to straighten their teeth.
Tooth-colored fillings have replaced the conventional unsightly fillings.
Missing teeth can be replaced by porcelain bridgework that fills in the gap between two teeth by attaching the ends on each side.
Conventional implants and mini dental implants that are made up of titanium and are used to replace the root of a tooth. A crown is placed on it to create a natural looking tooth.
All of these treatments fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry and can lead to the enhancement of a person’s smile. And the person who can make it possible is the cosmetic dentist who has mastered the art of giving people unbelievable smile makeovers.