Cosmetic Dentistry – Aesthetic Enhancements with Tooth Bonding

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Composite veneers by Canberra dentists…

Resin bonding can be used to restore minute cracks or chips, and for quick affordable smile make over! This involve direct application of white colored composite resin. This procedure can be accomplished in one appointment. This procedure if used on the front teeth also known as composite veneering.

Is Tooth Bonding or composite veneers are Right For Me?

This procedure tooth bonding or composite veneers is mostly a single visit procedure. Cosmetic dentist can utilize other procedure such as Cosmetic re-contouring of exiting smile line with laser Gum contouring to make exiting smile line more symmetrical to enhance overall appearance of smile. This affordable single visit procedure is the one for you if your have chipped or crack in teeth, need changing size and shape of your teeth, have stained tooth and discolorations that resist Teeth whitening procedures may also be masked by tooth bonding.