Composite Veneers as a Sensible Cosmetic Dental Solution

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Composite Veneers as a Sensible Cosmetic Dental Solution

Veneers serve as the way for cosmetic dentists to correct flaws in a smile without doing invasive work. Everyone has options when it comes to the type of veneers, but the main decision is whether to go with full porcelain or composite veneers. While you sacrifice aesthetic quality and durability when you choose composite over porcelain, you will be able to save a significant amount of money with composite veneers. Since composite veneers cost about half the price of porcelain, they are a sensible alternative solution.

How Composite Veneers Work

Dentists create a thin layer of artificial tooth (the veneer) and apply it over your natural teeth. You made need one or, as in most cases, several veneers to correct imperfections in your smile. You can have issues with straightness, spacing, discoloration or chipped teeth corrected with veneers. Composite are formed using different materials that are similar to plastics. Though they do not have the shine and texture of porcelain, composite veneers represent an upgrade for many patients and are the affordable solution.

Typical Cases for Composite Veneers

People have composite veneers added to teeth for a variety of reasons. If you are considering clear or metal braces, you might turn to veneers for a less structural but far quicker solution to improperly spaced teeth. If you are considering whitening procedures to target specific teeth, veneers can mask the discoloration in teeth without any bleaching. Finally, if you wanted porcelain veneers but are having trouble coming up with the money, composite veneers could serve as the bridge to your next cosmetic procedures. Composite veneers can last 5 years or longer.

Changing Your Smile in a Few Visits

You have the choice between direct and indirect composite veneers. Indirect veneers involve taking images at a lab to map out the best possible solution for your teeth. These veneers last longer and they are applied in a few visits to your dentist. Direct veneers are done on the spot and involve only a single visit but don’t have the same staying power. Lab work makes the indirect veneers superior in both the composite and porcelain category. Ask your dentist about options when you are deciding on the best type for you.

Turning Your Smile around in Days

A disjointed or otherwise unattractive smile can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. When you feel self-conscious about your teeth, it can lead to awkwardness in social settings and negatively affect your interactions with people. Composite veneers are a sensible solution when deciding on veneers because they are affordable and can turn your smile around in a short period of time. You’ll see discolorations and unevenness corrected in a flash when veneers are applied correctly.

Smile with confidence with our composite veneers that are designed to enhance your smile for life. At Comprehensive Comprehensive Dental Care  your can have artistic dental veneers at an affordable cost.

Our Composite veneers prices start from $285.00 each veneer and the porcelain veneers start from approximately $1,200 per veneer. Click on the links or contact us to find out more about one visit economic smile makeover option available in Canberra and Queanbeyan dental clinic.