Bonding the Solution to Cracked and Chipped Teeth

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Composite bonding has been used in a variety of dental procedures for decades. More often than not, dentists employ this solution when a patient has a broken tooth. Composite bonding can restore the lost pieces of tooth without showing any signs of the transformation. This seamless approach to correcting flaws in your teeth can be used as a solution to many different problems, including cracks, gaps, discolorations, uneven teeth and broken teeth. Direct composite bonding is convenient and efficient.

The Solution to a Host of Problems

Broken or disfigured teeth appear gruesome, hurting your smile and making you self-conscious whenever you open your mouth. Composite bonding makes solving the problem easy, with a quick visit to the dentist all that is typically required. Gapped teeth that you never thought could be fixed are easily handled by this procedure, with the tooth simply being extended to fit within the empty space. Severely discolored teeth can also get a boost from composite bonding. Ask your dentist about this versatile cosmetic procedure.

How Composite Bonding Works

Bonding is effective because it hides the materials used underneath the attractive surface. A resin material known as composite is applied to the problem area, leaving the exterior to shine on the outside and mask the imperfection. As long as there is no major structural damage with your teeth, bonding can solve any number of issues. Direct procedures allow you to get in and out of the dentist’s chair in a matter of minutes. You’ll be happy to leave with a new smile and can get back to your regular activities without worrying about your smile.

The Turnaround for Times of Trouble

No matter the reason for a broken or cracked tooth, it can become a focal point in your life. Every time you dress for work, brush your teeth or look in the mirror, you’ll see the mangled form of your tooth and wonder how you can solve the problem. You should be aware that these bonding procedures are simple and do not require a lot of time in the chair. Even for people who dread making trips to the dentist, bonding procedures for your teeth are never traumatic events.

The Completion of a Beautiful Smile

The finishing touch on your beautiful smile may be a bonding procedure of this nature. Ask your dentist how to approach a cracked, discolored, gapped or chipped tooth. Some people prefer veneers to solve larger problems in sections of your mouth. However, composite bonding can solve many of the same problems without having to wait for lab work to be completed. Find out about the versatility of these affordable bonding procedures whenever you have a dental issues you want solved.