Are Dentures Your Best Option for Lost Teeth

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Dentures, which can consist of a single tooth or a full set of false teeth, can be fitted for a mouth in two different ways. In the conventional format, dentures are prepared for the time when the mouth has fully healed after the teeth were removed. The sensitivity of the gums after losing teeth is significant, making the waiting period essential in many cases. However, the second type – immediate dentures – is used as soon as your teeth are removed. In almost every case, conventional dentures are a better option because the mouth endures so many changes after losing teeth.

Whole-Mouth and Partial Dentures

Partial dentures come in many forms and can be formulated to replace any combination of teeth. When you fail to fill the space vacated by lost teeth, you risk your teeth moving to fill it for you. This process undermines the basic position of your teeth, as a quasi-gravitational force pulls them away from their natural spot. Partial dentures help stop this process, in the same way a bridge does. Internal attachments are used, making them look natural in your mouth and adding greater stability in daily use.

Considering Implants as an Alternative to Dentures

Would you be better off getting a full set of dental implants rather than opt for dentures? The answer typically comes down to cost concerns. Certainly, a set of implants set into the mouth bone equates to a more functional, natural-feeling set of teeth. However, the cost of implants can be prohibitive when you add up the price of a large number of teeth. There are some people for whom implants do not work, so discussing the options with you dentist is advisable, as in every other procedure.

Concerns about Denture Wear

The biggest concern about denture wear involves the healing process. Have you allowed proper time for your gums to heal before wearing dentures? Have the immediate dentures begun to bother you very early on in the process? Unless you have planned for the discomfort involved, you will experience a difficult adjustment period. In most cases, conventional dentures are the right way to go. Your dentist will be able to outline the concerns you’ll face when starting to wear dentures.

The Best Solution to an Inevitable Problem

There are only a few solutions to consider when faced with the prospect of losing some or all of your teeth. If you cannot finance implants or have problems inserting the metal posts into your mouth bone, you will be left only with dentures as an option. Many people are happy with the set of replacement teeth they are wearing, so find out how you can make the most of a difficult situation.