Alternative to root canal treatment

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Alternative to root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment dentist CanberraWhen tooth is heavily decayed means severe carious or having a big cavity to a extent where dentist find it is not salvageable. This generally a situation when tooth structure is destroyed beyond repair.  Further if root of the tooth is fractured or there is a irreversible gum disease then we have limited alternatives to root canal.

The first alternative of root canal is tooth extraction without any replacement.

In this situation where the extracted tooth is not replaced the initial consequence is aesthetic and functional. But down the track after some time the other consequence such as moving of upper teeth or the side teeth will start. The adjacent teeth can begin to tilt. When other teeth will move then there can be space for collect food which can increase risk of higher incident of cavities and can raise functional issues.

The second alternative is extraction and fixed bridge replacement.

In this treatment fixed bridge is used
to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is attached to neighboring teeth and cemented into place. This option may appear economical alternative to root canal treatment which involve root canal and dental crown placement, we must know what involve in this treatment before deciding that. In the dental bridge placement at missing teeth we have to prepare adjacent teeth in order to have a missing teeth replaced with artificial teeth.  This mean preparation of two dental crown and artificial teeth. This make dental bridge as an expensive treatment in comparison to root canal and single dental crown placement. Further, feasibility of this alternative depends on adjacent teeth like how vital those teeth are. Are they heavily filled or involved root canal treatment . A comprehensive dental exam is required by dentist.

The third alternative is Implant placement after extraction.

A dental implant is a metal or ceramic device that replace the root of the natural tooth. After implants are placed in the bone, artificial teeth are attached to them, enabling normal function and appearance.  Generally this treatment take bit long time but during that time an artificial temporary denture can be utilised. Once implant is ready then a dental drown is placed over it.

Your dentist can give you more detailed information and explain you which method is more suitable in your case and which one is indicated for your teeth.

If specialist care is needed, your dentist will discuss this with you. Our Dentists work closely with specialist dentists in Canberra and can If you would like a specialist opinion, ask your dentist for a referral to an endodontist in Canberra or in your area.

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