A Comprehensive Overview of Dental Bridges

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If you have a gap between your teeth due to a missing or partially broken tooth, then dental bridges are used fill this gap. These bridges are extremely helpful in restoring your smile and change the overall expression of your face. Some people may face a lot of difficulty while chewing or speaking due to missing teeth or broken ones. By having a dental bridge you can easily improve the way you chew and speak.

A bridge is usually made up by joining the crowns, which have been placed on either side of the gap. The two anchoring teeth are known as the abutment teeth. To support the bridge, a false teeth or remains of broken teeth must be in between the anchoring teeth. Theses false teeth are usually made of porcelain, gold, or a combination of the materials. The choice of material is up to you as the dentist always asks the preference of the patient before going forward with the procedure.

Procedure for getting a dental bridge is fairly long as the entire process cannot be completed in one sitting. After your dentist has acknowledged that you will need the bridge, he will firstly prepare the abutment teeth. This is not a complex procedure because it involves re contouring of the teeth known as the abutment teeth. This is done by partially removing enamel from the sides of these teeth so sufficient room can be made to place the crown.

In the same visit, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to place an order for the bridge and these are made by specialized dental labs. A temporary bridge is placed on those teeth so the gums are not left exposed until the second sitting.

The final step is done in the second visit where you dentist will remove the temporary bridge and check if the new bridge fits properly. You need to pay multiple visits to your dentist to make sure that the adjustment of the bridge is correct and when you are fully comfortable with your bridge, your dentist will cement it into place so it will no longer move. A proper constructed bridge will last a very long time so be sure to get the procedure done by a specialized and qualified dentist. Consult our local