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The dentistry world has come a long way. One of the dentistry innovations that have proven to be a game-changer is dental implants. All you’ve got to do is go to a dental clinic that offers restorative dentistry, and they’ll present you with several dental implant treatments.

Why Do You Need Dental Implants?

Generally, you’ll need dental implants for both aesthetic and functional reasons. For instance, if you’re missing some teeth, and you can’t or don’t want dentures, bridges, or crowns, you’ll need dental implants. After all, replacing a missing tooth is crucial. Hence, you’ll want to make sure that you get a dental implant to cover its place.

Dental implants can play a significant role in your mouth’s functions. For starters, they support a healthy bite, ensuring that your teeth are in the proper place. Hence, you can argue that dental implants keep your facial bones from deteriorating. In addition, they also ensure your jawline is healthy. Often, most people are surprised to learn that their jawbone starts deteriorating when a tooth falls out, and they don’t replace it. However, when you chew, you’re exerting a sizable amount of pressure. With a missing tooth, your jawbone has to absorb a significant portion of it.

Moreover, many people often become self-conscious with a gapped smile. For instance, if you’ve got a gap in your teeth due to a missing tooth, you’re likely to be more self-conscious. Hence, you might become photo-shy. Dental implants ensure this isn’t a problem.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have various benefits. For starters, they can boost your confidence and self-esteem, particularly if you aren’t keen to take pictures. Moreover, they can also support your jawbone. Hence, they’re capable of assisting your speech and chewing functions. Moreover, dental implants are also convenient. You can brush or floss while wearing them. Thus, you don’t have to take them out anytime before you perform these activities. Likewise, you can also go to sleep with your dental implants.

Signs You Need Dental Implants

You might have seen numerous people with dental implants. That’s because it’s a growing sub-field within dentistry. According to Market Research, the Australian dental implant market has a valuation of $76.7 million. Moreover, experts believe the market will reach a value of $136.4 by 2027 as it continues to grow at an exponential rate of 8.6 percent annually.

If you’re considering dental implants yourself, there might be some visible signs you need them. They include:

Missing Teeth or Tooth

Typically, people with a missing tooth or several teeth require dental implants. Many people often feel self-conscious when they smile, particularly if they’ve got a large gap in their mouth due to the lack of teeth. Getting a dental implant can be the solution to your problem. The dental implant covers the gap left by the missing teeth, helping your smile look as natural as possible.

Loose Dentures

It’s not uncommon for many people to suffer from loose dentures. People often start worrying that their dentures will fall out, causing them anxiety. Getting dental implants can help fix your loose dentures by keeping them in place. Alternatively, you can also choose to replace them with new implants. Regardless, you’ll no longer feel anxious because dental implants fit in with the rest of your teeth perfectly, giving you a picture-perfect smile.

A dentist checking a patient’s dentures

Tooth Infection

Tooth infections can cause you significant problems. If you’ve got a tooth infection, you’ll either need to undergo a surgical procedure to save it. Otherwise, you’ll need a dentist to extract your tooth. However, if you’re getting your tooth removed, you’ll need to consider getting a dental implant.

Getting a dental implant can solve your problem because it can function as your new tooth. The dental implant will be strong and durable. In addition, it won’t take away from your smile.

Loose Bridge

Loose dental bridges often render you the same issues as loose dentures. However, getting a dental implant can save you significant trouble.

Sunken-in Facial Appearance

Typically, you’ll often see people having a sunken-in facial appearance when they get dentures. Many people often wonder why this happens. The reality’s that dentures don’t stimulate the jawbone. Hence, there’s no regrowth of essential tissue. Since the jawbone doesn’t acknowledge your dentures, it continues to regress. The regression can give your face a sunken-in appearance.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a solution to this problem, you’ll need dental implants. Dental implants stimulate your jawline. Moreover, they feel like natural teeth, helping you refrain from any facial tics that would result in a sunken-in jawline.

Denture Care

Believe it or not, caring for dentures can be an entire process. You’ll have to take out your dentures every once in a while and clean them. In addition, you’ll have to apply denture adhesives to keep them in place. Moreover, taking care of dentures can be challenging. You can’t brush or floss over them like your normal teeth. Hence, many people with dentures can often become frustrated with them. The solution to this problem is to get dental implants. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your teeth. You can brush and floss like you do and not worry about their care.

Bruxism is a medical issue that refers to clenching your jaw tightly. Doing so results in tension in your jaw. Persistent clenching of the jaw can damage the crown at the top of your implant. Hence, many dentists will recommend wearing a bruxism night guard when you go to bed.

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