Restorative Dentistry

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Inlay’s / Onlay’s

Dental Inlay’s and Onlay’s can restore cracked or damaged teeth with small amounts of decay…

If you have teeth that are mildly cracked, damaged or decayed, we may be able to use porcelain Inlay’s or Onlay’s to restore your natural tooth structure. Inlay’s and Onlay’s can be created from porcelain or resin composite materials to look completely natural against your smile.

Golden sealants

We can also restore your teeth with gold restorations if you desire extra strength.


Dental Inlay’s are used to restore damaged to a tooth that is decayed, broken or damaged on the crest of the tooths surface.


Onlay’s are used to treat decay and cracks that extend below the surface, but are strong enough to be rendered with a thin composite.


An impression will be taken of your damaged tooth, and a temporary inlay on onlay will be positioned while a permanent one is formulated. On your return appointment, your teeth will be repaired with your permanent restoration, so you can return to chewing and consuming beverages free of pain or sensitivity.



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