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Oral Surgery

At Comprehensive Dental Care we also provide Oral Surgery for patients who require tooth extraction.

Oral surgery is usually required for patients who have impacted wisdom teeth or other jaw related injuries.

If you do have a dental emergency that requires attention, we have a skilled oral surgeon at our clinic to address any painful teeth concerns.

Some reasons patients may require oral surgery include:

  • Troubles with the TMJ (Temporomandibular jaw joint)
  • Wisdom teeth erupting through the gums
  • Denture implant placement
  • To improve structural defects concerning the face and jaw

Care and precision

Our expert surgeon will perform oral procedures with comfort and utmost precision, using the most advanced technologies available.

Modern technology

Our use of advanced technologies will ensure our patients achieve high-quality results from the surgery we provide. Patients will experience faster healing time, and less pain as we employ our modern techniques.


We will also provide suitable sleep sedation to ensure comfort and ease during the entire procedure.



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