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Dr Sonika Sharma
BDS (General Dentist)
Dr Sonika Sharma is the principal dentist at Comprehensive Dental Care. Her Interests include cosmetic dentistry, functional and restorative dentistry. Soni has experience...
BDS (General Dentist)
Dr Shahla Bahrami is a part of Comprehensive Dental care’s team from last 14 years. Shahla enjoys all aspect of dentistry with special interest in dental implants & Sleep Dentistry..
BDS (General Dentist)
Dr Brendan Quill, who has over 20 years experience as a general practitioner. He utilise world-class methodology, and the very latest in treatment technology to provide best ...

General Dentist
Ed graduated in 2006. His focus has always been providing his patients with solutions personalised to their needs, focusing always on quality of care of the health....